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Annual Educational/Study Tour
The Annual Education / Study Tour to places of historical, cultural and artistic importance in India organized and partly subsidized by the college is compulsory for BVA students. In case a student does not go on the tour, he/she will lose attendence for that period. The principal may consider exemption for a deserving case but with the condition that he/ she would join the Annual Education/ Study Tour of the next year. The students of third year class will have to deposit rs1500/-each for the expenses of the annual educational tour along with their fees in July.This amount will be subject to refund or additional charges according to the actual expenses incurred on the tour. Besides, the college also organizes study tours throughout the year inside and outside Orissa for all the students.
Art Exhibition
The college organizes an Annual Art Exibition of works done by the students during the academic year.Awards and certificates are also given to deserving students of each class for their performance. The exhibition is open to the public.
The college provides facilities for sports such as Table Tennis, Badminton, Volley Ball etc. Inter class tournaments are held annualy.The annual sports day is held during the winter..
Library / Reading Room
The college library has an extensive collection of books on fine arts, Design and Literature.The Library / Reading room is open for the use of all students of the college on all days except holidays. All the students are eligible to become members of the leading section of the library and can avail of its faciliies according to the prescribed rules.
In addition to studies, substantial workshop facilities are available in the college to support the training programme in the following specializations.
Photography, Lithography, Silk screen printing, Etching, Block-Making, Metal Casting / Dhokra Casting, Tie and Dye Weaving, Ceramic & Pottery, Painting,Traditional Wood / Stone Carving ,Madhubani paintingetc.
Extra Curricular Activities
The college has started the following associations with a view to encourage students participation in Extra Curricular activities.
2.Music / Drama
3.Games & Sports
Each association will be headed by a member of the staff. The college will provide facilities to the extent possible for the activities related to these associations.
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